Fire Emergency Response plans

Course Information

Fire Emergency Response plans course is designed for clients who tend to have a Basic understanding of Fire Response Plans. This course learns planning through the scenarios can be contextualized to your customers’ requirements.
The course will meet the recommendations of the NFPA standards for training of Fire Response Plans to the appointed person.

Course Specification

Intended Participant:

People requiring skills in Fire Response Plans

Max Student Instructor Ratio:

Unlimited Candidates: 1 Instructor

Course Duration:

Initial Training: 4 hours




Knowledge and skills assessment

Course Information Sheet:
Book a Course:


Student Materials Includes:

• Essential Skills and Reference Guide
• Wall Certificate
• Course Evaluation and Statement of Understanding Form

Hands-on Skill Practice

Students will practice the essential skills in small groups and will apply these skills in scenario sessions during the course.


• Students are assessed throughout the course by instructor observation of the essential skills
• There is also asummative assessment of knowledge and skills at the end of this course

Content and Materials

Course Content:
  • What is Emergency?
  • Types of Emergency Cases
  • Emergency Response plans
  • Evacuation
  • Means of Egress
  • Self-Rescue Techniques
  • Practical Exercise and Drill
  • Assessment