Defensive Driving

Course Information

Students will be introduced to Defensive and professional Driving, Systematic driving skills, Individual behavior, and attitudes behind steering, Handling emergency situations and hazards (actual risk and potential risk)

Course Specification

Intended Participant:

All level of employees who may dive in or out workplace area
( NOTE: ALL DELEGATES who so ever will attend this training must hold valid LOCAL DRIVING LICENSE )

Max Class Size:

25 Candidates

Course Duration:

1 Day

Certificate Expiry:

Don’t Expire


Assessment Exam at the end of the course

Course Information Sheet:
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Students are assessed throughout the course by instructor observation and at the end will take a Risk Assessment Exam

Content and Materials


  • OSHA
  • Electrical Current
  • Electrical Shock, Arc and Blast
  • Understanding of Electrical Hazards
  •  Electrical Lock Out / Tag Out
  • De-energized Equipment
  • Electrical Safety Work Practices
  • Energized Equipment and Circuits
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Enclosed Spaces
  • Ladders & Platforms
  • Excavations
  • Work on or Near Energized Equipment
  • Clearance Distances for Installed Electrical Equipment
  • De-energizing Lines